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Sizing, shipping & general information

Origami Face Masks





Materials used are always new. See the product page for individual information. Most usually, the outer layer is either a printed or solid cotton, with a full filter layer and another layer of cotton on the inside. The nose wire pocket is made of only pure cotton. The nose wire is made of a non-rusting aluminium/copper nose wire and it is removable and replaceable.

Hand and machine washable. Although rust-proof, it is recommended to remove the nose wire prior to washing for safety and to prolong the wire’s usability. Steam or iron on low setting for a crisp look. Do not iron the earloops, as it will damage the elasticity.

To remove the nose wire: fold back the mask in half along the top to expose the wire in the middle. The wire should peek through from the center opening of the pocket. Keeping the left and right sides folded back and flat, pull out carefully from the opening. Recycle or dispose responsibly.

Shipping calculated at checkout. Free shipping within San Francisco. Please allow a few days for me to process your face mask order specially if it’s a large quantity. I don’t keep a large stock of the masks, I make them by hand when orders come. Please check your email for confirmation and order status updates.

No returns or exchanges are possible due to the nature of this handmade item and for sanitary reasons.

Available sizes: (handmade, not completely exact sizing all the time, but close.)
Toddler- fits younger childrenA width 6 3/4″B height 4″
Small- fits children and teensA width 7 3/4″B height 5 1/4″
Regular- fits most adults and teens:A width 8 1/2″B height 6″
Large- for added coverageA width 9 1/4″B height 7 3/4″

General Fable Tailor Info


Pricing & Rates


The Online Shop doesn’t close, anyone can order anything at all times unless there is a scheduled maintenance.
That being said, orders have to be manually confirmed by me before they are processed. Check your email for the order status. I personally reply to emails and questions between 10am-5pm PST.
For in home alterations: appointment availability between 9am to 6pm. Please use the booking page. You will be asked to enter a desired date and time slot, please wait for an email confirming the schedule and for further instructions.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Visit the shop!due to the experimental nature of this curio, it’s never certain what pieces will be available again

Origami Masksplain & printed

Step into my tiny online curio where one might find things I’ve made by hand. I also do in-home alterations and custom bridal gowns, book an appointment here! It really is just me, creating one curious thing at a time in inspiring, pretty San Francisco. ImageImageImage[/cs_content_seo]